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Howdy ... 

Welcome to the Social Ref, a simple home for recreational officials. We hope you find the best ideas and techniques, that others have already learned.  



Welcome to a home for simple ideas and tips for recreational officials. 

We believe that you can become a great rec ref or ump, by focusing first on communication and information habits. 

While the book The Social Ref is still a few months away, we figured we would start providing a few ideas and samples of what you can expect from the upcoming release. Hopefully the ideas on communication, confidence, diffusion, and game control will help you become a great Social Ref for your school, league, or community. 

Our dream is simple: We want you to ref or ump 10 games. 

Hopefully the ideas here are simple, easy, and real. 

We have been educating Social Refs and Umps for 18 years in Portland and Seattle. We have taught at local college intramural departments, and we have consulted with other Social Sports League around the country. 

If you have always thought about giving officiating a try, we can help. 

All we ask is that you send us a picture when you work your first game. Hopefully the first of many. 

See you out on the Field !

- Shawn (aka the Ambassador of Fun)

Start by Standing ...

Start by Standing ...