Robots are Never Wrong - So don’t be a Robot!!

If we have seen it once, we have seen it a LOT. New referees and umpires start off talking like ROBOTS!

They bark short quick commands to players, in a “just the facts” delivery.

Just one problem - That kind of delivery makes you sound like a jerk, and a robot … and robots are never supposed to be wrong, so you actually make things harder on yourself by being robotic.

As you get more experience you want to work on your announcers voice - how you communicate game info to players in a laid back and slangy way.

Once you start to think about your announcers voice, you can begin to add special sauce to your delivery.

2 of my favorites are the “Droopy Call” and the “Chuckle Call.” Give them a listen and see if you want to try adding them as part of your special sauce: